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Study Shows Hearing Aids May Mean Fewer Hospital Visits for Seniors – Tue, May 8th 2018

Hearing aids may mean fewer visits to the hospital for seniors, a new study suggests.
Researchers examined data from more than 1,300 adults aged 65 to 85 with severe hearing…

Understanding Tinnitus: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments – Tue, May 1st 2018

The feelings of unusual sound and sensation in the inner ear, often called tinnitus, is a common symptom that bothers 20 percent of the world’s population. The discomfort…

Study Shows Children with Hearing Loss Experience More Bullying – Tue, Apr 17th 2018

New UT Dallas research indicates that children and adolescents with hearing loss experience higher rates of peer victimization, or bullying, than children with typical…

Harvard and USC Research Shed New Light on Hearing Loss Treatment – Tue, Apr 10th 2018

Researchers at USC and Harvard have developed a new approach to repair cells deep inside the ear—a potential remedy that could restore hearing for millions of elderly…

Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – Tue, Apr 3rd 2018

Hearing loss has long been thought to be an unpleasant but inevitable side effect of aging. And aging is indeed the most common cause of hearing loss. But within the past year,...

Biofeedback Headphones Designed to Help Vertigo – Tue, Mar 27th 2018

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from vertigo, the sensation of whirling and associated loss of balance that often occurs when people look down from a great height. The…

Study Shows Smokers at Greater Risk for Hearing Loss – Tue, Mar 20th 2018

Smoking is associated with increased risk of hearing loss, according to a study of over 50,000 participants over 8 years in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, published by Oxford…

New Drugs Could Help Prevent Hearing Loss – Tue, Mar 13th 2018

Researchers from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have discovered that inhibiting an enzyme called cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) protects mice and rats from noise- or…

WHO Calls for Action To Prevent Rise in Hearing Loss – Tue, Mar 6th 2018

Some 900 million people could suffer from disabling hearing loss by 2050, according to new estimates released by the World Health Organization on the occasion of World Hearing…

Starkey Introduces Hearing Aids That Recharge in Case – Tue, Feb 27th 2018

Starkey® Hearing Technologies, one of the world’s leading innovators in hearing technology, continues to reimagine and revolutionize the patient experience with the new…

Study Shows Hearing Loss Common After Infant Heart Surgery – Tue, Feb 20th 2018

Children who have heart surgery as infants are at risk for hearing loss, coupled with associated risks for language, attention and cognitive problems, by age four. In a…

Improving Quality of Life for Tinnitus Sufferers – Tue, Feb 13th 2018

How would you like to wake up one morning with a sound in your head that you have no control over and might never go away? Two publications recently highlighted the interference…

Study Suggests Nursing Homes Ignore Residents' Hearing Loss – Tue, Feb 6th 2018

Over the past decade, hearing loss has emerged as a key issue in aging and health.  The problem affects over 80% of people aged 80 and over. Hearing loss is associated with…

Hearing Loss Frequent in Heart Failure Patients – Tue, Jan 30th 2018

Madeline R. Sterling, M.D., M.P.H., from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, and colleagues examined the prevalence and correlates of hearing loss among…

Study Shows Specially Timed Signals Ease Tinnitus Symptoms – Tue, Jan 9th 2018

Millions of Americans hear ringing in their ears — a condition called tinnitus — and new research shows an experimental device could help quiet the phantom sounds by targeting…

CRISPR Treatment Prevents Hearing Loss in Mice – Tue, Jan 2nd 2018

A single treatment of a genome editing agent partially preserved hearing in mice with genetic deafness. The work could one day help scientists treat certain forms of genetic…

Elderly Patients with Age-Related Hearing Loss at Risk for Cognitive Decline – Tue, Dec 19th 2017

Elderly patients who experience age-related hearing loss (ARHL) may be at greater risk for cognitive decline and impairment compared with elderly patients with no…

Neurofeedback Shows Promise in Tinnitus Treatment – Tue, Dec 12th 2017

Researchers using functional MRI (fMRI) have found that neurofeedback training has the potential to reduce the severity of tinnitus or even eliminate it, according to a study…

Earwax Blockages Causing More Cases of Sudden Hearing Loss – Wed, Dec 6th 2017

This means patients do not need to be referred to a specialist ear, nose and throat (ENT) service for the same procedure, new draft guidance from NICE…

FDA Approves First Telehealth Option to Program Cochlear Implants – Tue, Nov 21st 2017

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a remote feature for follow-up programming sessions for the Nucleus Cochlear Implant System through a telemedicine platform….

Shelby ~ Hearing Consultants of Southeast Michigan

51850 Dequindre Road
Suite #4
Shelby Township, Michigan, 48316, US Get Directions
Phone: 586-930-0660
Fax: 248-266-6535

We are at the northeast corner of 23 Mile Road and Dequindre Road, located in the Medical Plaza, just north of Yates Cider Mill.

Chesterfield ~ Hearing Consultants of Southeast Michigan

Chesterfield Office
30080 23 Mile Road
Chesterfield, Michigan, 48047, US Get Directions
Phone: 586-725-5380
Fax: 586-229-2495

We are 1/2 mile east of I-94 on the southside of 23 Mile Road, located in the Raintree Plaza next to Baywest Dental.

Romeo ~ Hearing Consultants of Southeast Michigan

Romeo Office
80600 Van Dyke Road
Romeo, Michigan, 48065, US Get Directions
Phone: 586-725-5380
Fax: 586-229-2495

We are on the east side of Van Dyke @ 37 1/2 Mile Road, located in the Ligon Building, to the right(south) of the Henry Ford Urgent Care.

Lapeer ~ Hearing Consultants of Southeast Michigan

Lapeer Office
951 South Main Street
Suite 2
Lapeer, Michigan, 48446, US Get Directions
Phone: 810-664-4479
Fax: 810-664-6978

We are 1/2 mile north of I-69, on the east side of M-24(Lapeer Road), located inside Dr. Hegyi's Northpointe ENT office.

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